Portronics Cleansify Ear Endoscope Otoscope Wax Cleaner

Portronics Cleansify Ear Endoscope Otoscope/Wax Cleaner

Ear cleaning is a painstaking task and needs careful movements. So Cleansify comes with medically safe features that would do a thorough cleaning and let you have control of the entire process. In addition, the Cleansify ear camera is equipped with an ultra-fine 4.5 mm lens, 3 megapixels endoscope, 1080 FHD camera, and three-axis gyroscope, making it an expert in its field! 

Pros: Users mentioned the product is very good at ensuring you can see the inner ear. It has an LED light in front, which gives good brightness, and its camera makes everything look bigger and easy to clean.

With 4.2/5 ratings, the Portronics Cleansify Ear Endoscope Otoscope/Wax Cleaner is a Badiyaa product. You can use this link to know more

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